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2 Worst Food Joints You’ve Ever Heard Of

Let’s Get Nasty!

Worst Restaurant Ever

Sometimes we’re a little guilty of throwing caution to the wind when it comes to eating out. We eat a lot of street food, as well as in dingy restaurants. But usually we see the food being made in front of us and that makes us feel a little more in control. But hearing about these 2 food joints in Kathmandu, Nepal, makes us put our guard up a bit better. This will blow your mind. If it doesn’t, than you need to close your restaurant, because you are killing people with your food…

As shocking as these things may be, don’t get a sordid picture of Nepal in your head. These desperate things were done in a slum area by people who were far away from their home and families.

Craziest Food Establishments You’ve Ever Heard Of

Both of these food joints are in Kathmandu, which oscillates as ranking as the dirtiest city in the world. There are great restaurants in Kathmandu, great local food that you will enjoy very much. But not from these places…

Brace yourself.

Street Vendor

This place was selling Pani-Puri which is very popular snack in Nepal and India. For our article on what Pani-Puri is, check it out here. They prepare the snack and then give you a bottle of spicy water that you pour into the fried pocket and then you stuff it in your mouth. Already, you know you have to be careful about the source of the spicy water they’re giving you. A key flavor in Pani-Puri is a bitter taste that is sometimes produced by tamarind paste or if it’s not available, then vinegar. Apparently, neither of these were available, because they were using the acid from old car batteries to give it the bitter taste. I’ll pause here… Car battery acid. I think I would rather be given the opportunity that it had no desired bitter taste than that they produce it in such a manner. Resourceful though, gotta give ‘em that.

Grocery Store

This place among other things, was selling meat and honey.

As for the meat, you can imagine and this may not surprise you that much, but they were cutting up dogs, cats, rats, anything that could qualify as “meat” that were found dead on the city roads or by the river. Roadkill basically.

What may surprise you is how they came up with honey without having any bees involved. For this they used river water. If you have ever seen the rivers in Kathmandu, they are chalk full of all sorts of waste and plastic. You get a whole face of stench whenever you pass by the rivers. The plus side of the putrid condition of the water, is the urine in the water and brownish tinge that the garbage gives makes a convincing honey color. They collected the water, mixed melted sugar into the water until it thickened and they’ve got honey.

Needless to say, as these things have become public knowledge, they have been shutdown. Sorry to dash your hopes if you were hoping to go there.

Perhaps this will give you pause the next time you intend to berate the waiter when you find a hair in your food. That’s still gross, but it’s all relative.

If you have something that tops these places, please tell your story in the comments, our morbid curiosity demands it!

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