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3 Best Sites to Help Start A Travel Blog

To start a travel blog on your own is a very daunting task. Everybody starting a blog is looking for resources and websites which generously share their expertise in making a blog. Many sites we would go to looking for help would be offering paid courses or very generic, fluffy information. In 2 years, we have only really benefitted from these 3 to help start a travel blog.

We enjoy them because:

  • They are travel bloggers
  • They are generous with their knowledge
  • They are all very personable
  • Their blog’s popularity has proven their expertise

These are all from travel blogging side of things. But if you’re looking to start a different kind of blog, the principles here still apply. So here goes…

3 Sites to help start your travel blog

The Best 3 Free Resources for Starting Your Own Blog:

The 3 Frees:


We love Mark Weins for his likeableness in his “travel for (street) food” blog. Like us, he is principally geared to doing YouTube videos and the website is a complementary backsplash for that. He has a really big following and so he is a good business model to follow. In his travel resources, he breaks down the camera equipment he uses for his videos and tips on starting a blog. Of the 3, he offers the least content on starting a blog, as the other two are separate blogs dedicated to helping bloggers. But he gives a great example to follow and is the most popular of the 3, so be sure to check him out and try to understand how he gets a following. 

Bloggers Abroad

Previously known as Bloggers Abroad, Bryan Haines is a family man who has been living abroad in Ecuador. With the success of the familys’ Ecuador travel blogs, is devoted entirely to helping new bloggers get started, from buying a domain to beginning to monetize. He is extremely amiable and generous with sharing his expertise, and is good at interacting in the comments and giving his readers what they want. We implemented his suggestions when buying a domain, choosing a host, focussing on our niche, and a whole lot of other things.

Travel Blog Breakthrough

After the gradual success of Going Awesome Places, Will Tang started Travel Blog Breakthrough to help fast track people to making money from their travel blog. His “new school” approach addresses social media hacks, SEO, WordPress plugins, and especially monetizing platforms. A great resource is the monthly income report he gives for his travel blog, breaking down every way in which he is making money, be it from AdSense, Amazon Affiliation, sponsored projects, and a lot of other things that you may not have thought of. You can see what works and what hasn’t, saving you the hassle of experimenting with so many monetizing platforms out there. This is a more newly discovered one for us, but is a great help, and he has a podcast additionally. 

Getting Your Footing to Start a Travel Blog

These resources have proved invaluable to us! And they are diverse, from different kind of people (single, married, married with children), with different approaches. They have helped us to get a well-rounded view of what people want, and how to get it. We look forward to seeing our own blog take shape as we apply what we learn. Hope this helps you too. Let us know if you have found other valuable free resources worth sharing.

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