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5 Crazy Ways of Getting Around in Nepal: Video

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Nepal’s roads may not be as crazy as India’s, but they are definitely a different view than your run-of-the-mill streets. Motorbikes far outnumber cars, mixed with bicycles and diehard pedestrians.

Here are the average prices for the 5 forms of transportation mentioned in the video:

1. Rickshaw: $0.20

2. Mayuri: $0.40

3. Tempu: $0.12 per person

4. Transport Truck: Free (You can ask for a ride at a bus park where transport trucks usually stop at for breaks. They usually agree to take passengers if they have the room. You just have to find one going in the right direction. Not recommended for solo female travelers.)

5. Zip-Line Box/Twihn: The price of your own effort (Many bad hand injuries occur because there are no guards on the pulleys straddling the cable. Be very careful. Otherwise, a lot of fun!)

The twihn is our favorite transport and we look for excuses to have to cross the river so we can go across in one.

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