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Did you watch our About Us video yet? Appetite whetted? Alright, here’s more:

About us? Well, we are both from Canada, a friendly place with trees and igloos. We met in 2008 in British Columbia, Canada, and were married in 2010. We have always enjoyed travelling, learning new ways to live and broadening our perspective. Seriously, we have.

Before we were married, we had both lived abroad separately in Mexico and Ireland. Together, we’ve visited over a dozen countries across the globe, mostly developing countries where we’ve seen happy people, struggling to survive. We’ve learned a few languages to varying degrees, from beginner to…super beginner. But all this has helped open our eyes to the world.

Now though, as of 2014, we have settled in Hetauda, a small city in southern Nepal that has a spoonful of foreigners(like a teaspoon…for babies). Moving to a new country and living in a totally different culture has been a joy, but also a real challenge. Like…we get stared at as soon as we leave the door because we look different. Makes us more nervous when we struggle with the local language, Nepali… Anyways, we still love it and love our new home, the beautiful culture and majestic Himalayan mountains.

On The Ticket to Travel website and YouTube Channel, we wish to share experiences and struggles in a positive way, and we hope in doing so, you can find something that benefits you in your situation. We also have an army of useful travel items that we are busy reviewing to present to you.

Whether you’re interested in Nepal, moving to a new country, enjoying the shenanigans of a foreigner in a foreign land trying to fit in, or stocking up on gear for when you’re traveling, well that’s what we’re about. So good on you for making it this far. We will help you to “Travel Smart!”

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