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BTS: Operation LifeProof Elephant Drop

We recently posted “You Won’t Believe What Happens When She Drops Her Phone Off An Elephant” on YouTube. It gives a glimpse of Danica dropping her LifeProof encased phone from the back of an elephant and the elephant trunks it back to her.

Now, before we recorded this, we got wiffs of the elephant’s amazing ability to daintily handle small items. Really? Alright let’s proof this pudding!

LifeProof = Elephant Proof?

We tried to put this theory to the test using our LifeProof case covered iPhone, built to withstand the drop, the sand and hopefully any pressure the elephant put on the case. Of course, we didn’t know what whether the LifeProof case would hold up if the elephant decided to eat the phone, so we just hoped it wouldn’t come down to that.

Our behind the scenes video shows the whole process as we had three cameras going on the amazing resilience of the giant elephant. Props go to the relative resilience of the LifeProof case as well.

We had our LifeProof case ever since we had our iPhone. Your phone is a precious commodity you want to keep safe. Danica loves her LifeProof caseand has never had qualms with it. She has the clear case which allows her to either show off the bright green color of the iPhone 5c or more often than not, transparent case means she can cut out a pattern from something she likes and stick it inside. You can see that’s the case now in the video.

This post celebrates our first 100 subscribers on our channel. After a month and a half of releasing our YouTube channel and this website, we are happy with the support and interest that is quickly building up. Upwards and onwards! Thanks for your support!

If you’re interested in the LifeProof case for your phone (mostly for iPhones but also Samsung), please go through our links to Amazon. Anything you buy from Amazon helps us out (we get a commission) and costs you nothing extra.


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