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2 Awesome Group Games Using Headphones

Got a pair of Noise Cancelling Headphones like these?

If you have a pair of noise cancelling headphones, there’s two things you should definitely consider doing with them, music and audiobooks aside…

Usually noise cancelling headphones are intended for solitary activities. But just one pair of these with a group of friends opens up the opportunity to play 2 great group games: The “How to Make Someone Sound Ridiculous” Game and “The Whisper Challenge.”

Even if you don’t have headphones and don’t plan on getting any, these videos are quite amusing.

(By the way, the headphones in the picture above are Diskin Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones and are highly recommended noise cancelling bluetooth headphones, claiming to be guaranteed the best below $100. If you don’t already have a pair, these are highly rated on Amazon. Hover over the picture to check the current price.)

How to Make Someone Sound Ridiculous Game

How it works: The person wearing the headphones has their own voice coming through the headphones as they speak, only with a slight delay. They are asked to explain something or read something and try to do so normally. But hearing your voice with that slight delay can throw you off majorly, causing you to slur your words and stutter.

Speech Jammer is now a free app available for both Android and Apple devices that replicates what Rhett and Link did in the video. This is the app you would need to play the How to Make Someone Sound Ridiculous Game. With a group of friends, you can challenge friends to see if they can talk normal with Speech Jammer.



The Whisper Challenge

How it works: One person is wearing headphones with really loud music playing so there’s no way they can hear their partner. The partner says a phrase to the one wearing the headphones and they have to lip read what the other is saying. You can make the phrases up yourself if you want. There’s Whisper Challenge apps too, but not going to recommend them.

What I would absolutely recommend for an added challenge and added entertainment for the rest of the group, try using Mad Gab phrases (probably only the easy ones, they have two difficulties on the front and back of the card), especially if you have Mad Gab cards already. The cards cost about $6 (check out the link). That’s the game that has phrases like “Wheel Yum Air He Me,” and you have to say it out loud and decipher what the real phrase is… “Will You Marry Me?” That way, the one saying the phrase won’t know what they’re saying either! Whoever figures out the phrase first gets a point. Chaos! The good thing about combining Mad Gab with The Whisper Challenge is that the alternate wording of your phrase usually forces you to exaggerate your enunciation, making it easier for someone who is lip reading what you say.

If you have tried or do try these games out, let us know about it in the comments! Especially let us know if you had success with the Mad Gab/Whisper Challenge combo!

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