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How to Submit Your Video Introduction

Here’s what we would like to see in your video:

Keep it short and sweeeeet, maybe 10-15 seconds.
“Hello, I’m blank in blank, and I’m…doing something out of the ordinary.” Like “I’m…swimming with dolphins,” or, “Hello, we are blank and blank in Mongolia and we’re making cheese.”

Note: By your submitting the videos under that hashtag, we recognise that you are authorising our use of the video, recognising we will not take it out of context and that we can’t guarantee it will be featured. But, if you stuck by the rules, it’s a pretty sure bet!

You just have to show yourself doing something out of the ordinary, a unique activity to a certain culture, or place, or just a super creative personal idea. It must be appropriate for all audiences, relatively safe, and should be non-religious. Either than that, your creativity is encouraged to be let out free reign, thinking outside the box.

The only other thing we would like is for you to say hello in a language of the place you are in.

Make sure you include in the comments the language you said your greeting in. Optionally, in the comments with your video submission, let us know of an idea you would like to see us try in a future video. We’ll see if we can use your idea.

Here’s how to submit the video:
Upload your video onto YouTube. Then post it on Twitter or Facebook, Google Plus, wherever we can find it, using the hashtag #mytickettotravelvideo.

And if you are also a travel blogger or have some kind of travel business and that is part of the video or your business is included as a textual promotion, we welcome that (as long as it is an undertone in the video, and all the other criteria are met), like a mini-collab.

Finally, don’t worry if you’re at home doing it, we can do fun out of the ordinary things no matter where we are.

Any questions, drop a comment!

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