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LifeStraw Water Filter: Travel/Emergency Kit Essential

We love our LifeStraw. It warms the cackles of our heart (spell correct is telling me “cockles,” but I prefer “cackles”). It prevents frequent trips to the restroom for one reason, while increasing them for another reason. As in, it keeps you from getting water borne illness, but keeps you hydrated…

The LifeStraw is an award winning phenomenon that is revered for its innovative design. It has also undergone the rigors of recycled urine and other bodily expulsions successfully being filtered through it. If you wanna see that on YouTube…well, you can. We didn’t quite filter our urine, we did realistic sources of water available to us in Nepal. Bottom line, right now, is that if you’re looking for a water filter, LifeStraw overall outshines any other water filters.

When we were first planning to do product reviews on our blog, we wrote dozens of companies asking to use their products for product reviews. LifeStraw was the only one to respond, and quickly send us a LifeStraw Family to test out. This reflects good customer service and confidence in their product. We were smaller apples at that time than we are now, so they sure got us excited. Thank you LifeStraw for getting us going and stirring our belief that we can do this!

Doesn’t Ruin the Water’s Taste

Drinking no water will kill ya. Polluted water will kill ya. Catch 22. We have used our LifeStraw everyday for nearly a year. It is our kitchen water filter and keeps us alive. Our friends say we got tasty water, and that’s because mineral filters are commonly used here in Nepal, and they give an icky aftertaste.

Different LifeStraw Product Categories

Something else we didn’t mention in our video review is that the LifeStraw and LifeStraw Go work in a different way than the LifeStraw Family and LifeStraw Mission. The former use the suction from your mouth to bring the water through the microfibers, while the latter use the weight of your water in the tank to force the water through the filter. This means the larger LifeStraws are gravity fed and if you only pour a glass of water to be filtered, it will piddle out of the filter pathetically slow. So if you’re using the Family or the Mission, you got to fill up your tank and then the pressure of the weight will drive the water through the filter a lot faster than the piddle trickle.

In the video we mentioned equipping your emergency kit with a LifeStraw. If you have an emergency kit for fast getaways should a disaster occur, a LifeStraw will ensure one of the most basic necessities is being met. Of course, some bottles of water in your kit is also a good idea, but they only last so long, enough time to find any source of water that you can use the LifeStraw with. If you don’t have an emergency kit, probably a good idea to have.

You will find online that some viruses can still get in through water filters because viruses can be much smaller than parasites and bacteria. This doesn’t pose any real danger for us in our situation, but it’s important to understand. For killing viruses without using tablets, the SteriPen uses UV light to kill everything, check out our review on the SteriPen.

LifeStraw Products

Here are the LifeStraw products available with more specific info. Find which one is right for you!

They range from $20-$150



LifeStraw Go


Lifestraw Family


LifeStraw Mission


As always, we love the products we review and that’s why we share them. We will get a small commission from Amazon if you buy through our Amazon links, and it costs you no different. This keeps us being able to live abroad and continue releasing content. So get one through here for yourself, and share this page for the benefit of others. Thanks for y’all’s support!


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  1. Lynn Lane
    30 August, 2015 at 11:40 pm Reply

    That was a very detailed and easy to understand review. You’ve convinced me that it would be a good idea to have one of these products in our emergency kit.

    • thetickettotravel
      31 August, 2015 at 9:22 pm Reply

      Glad you liked it!

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