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40 LifeHacks That Save Over $2000/Month eBook

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Prepare for major savings!


We have used these lifehacks to save around $2200 from our monthly spending! Read about it and then put them into practice with this 64 page colorfully illustrated eBook about our personal experience using these lifehacks, and about how you can do it too!


Some of them are easy changes to make like reducing your coffee break bill, while others are more radical lifestyle changes to make, like reducing appliance use and using a basic solar panel for home electricity. 


We explain the advantages of each lifehack, and how to go about making the change.


Applying some of these in Canada, we as a couple spent less than $800/month total. Here in Nepal, putting all 40 into practice, we are down to less than $300/month.


Regardless of what country you are in, by applying some of the easier changes only, you can easily reduce your monthly spending by $500.


Along with the extra money, gone are many extra burdens and stresses.


Included are worksheets to calculate your own savings by putting into practice those lifehacks you can make. They are print-friendly for tangible use. 


This eBook is in electronic PDF format only. Use whatever software you have on your mobile, tablet, or computer for viewing PDF files.

1 review for 40 LifeHacks That Save Over $2000/Month eBook

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This book offers tips on how to save money by making some extreme changes in your lifestyle (by Canadian standards). But if you’re not ready (or interested) in extreme measures, there are also lots of simple, adjustments you can make to improve your finances. These are easy to implement, once you’re more aware of them.

    I also found it interesting that many of the tips are not only good for your budget, but also for the environment and your health and happiness.

    You will likely find it easy to recoup your $4.99 pretty quickly! 🙂

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