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Saving Money with Multi-City Travel

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Save money? How? By:

  • experimenting with multi-city travel
  • being willing to have a flexible itinerary

If you’re traveling far, oftentimes you’re stuck in a major airport for several hours at a time on a layover. It’s often too much time to just sit around, but maybe a risky amount of time to chance exploring the city and coming back.

Sometimes, you can throw an extra destination into your trip for virtually no extra flight costs. If the situation suits it, give yourself a day or two in that city, break up your trip and see another country. See an example of this, and learn how to do it yourself.


Adding a Destination Without Adding Cost

We’re currently in the process of booking a trip from:

Vancouver, Canada – Seoul, Korea – Shanghai, China – Kathmandu, Nepal

Now, multi-city tickets can be a good way to save money and see more places. Here’s an example:

First, even though our first destination is Korea, we first purchased a multi-city ticket from Canada straight to China and then from China to Nepal.

Vancouver, Canada – Shanghai, China – Kathmandu, Nepal

What about Korea, though? We bought a separate return ticket from Shanghai to Seoul, as they’re near each other.

Shanghai, China – Seoul, Korea (return)

 Direct flights from Vancouver to China are less expensive and shorter. So even though we have to go to China first for a little bit, than go to Korea, it saves us around $200 US per ticket when we buy the tickets apart like this. The only extra cost it incurs is an extra $15 each for a multi-entry visa to China. Peanuts!

You may also find it surprising that to go from Canada direct to Nepal for $1,078 US


To go from Canada to China for a month, then go to Nepal- $1,088 US. That’s a $10 difference in price! Two countries for the price of one!

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How to Find a Deal like This

1. Use a flight deal website to search for flights to your major destination. (

2. Look at the cheapest flights it offers. If there are stopovers, take note of where they are.

3. If any of the stopover areas appeal to you to visit as well, redo the search now as a multi-city flight and add the stopover city, selecting however many days you would like to stay there.

4. Compare the results of the multi-city flight with your original flight search and note the price difference. You may have a deal on your hands.

It may not always be only a $10 difference, but we have rarely seen a large difference in price if it is a common layover stop to your destination. We hope this can help you economically scratch an extra item off your bucket list. Buen viaje.

Have your own tips on saving money on tickets? Please leave a message! Let us learn!

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