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SteriPEN Freedom UV Water Purifier Review

Why we like it:

  • Pocket-size
  • USB-chargeable/Solar power option
  • 40 treatments(20 L) per charge (The SteriPEN Ultra boasts 100 treatments(50 L) per charge)
  • Has a flashlight mode
  • Buttonless
  • Easy to clean/maintain

What Is The SteriPEN Good For?

Purifies water using UV light within seconds. Portable solution for sterilising drinking water anywhere you go. Great for travel in developing countries, and hiking.

How Does It Work?

Here we try it out at the well outside our house:


How Much Can It Purify?

Cleans 500 mL of water per treatment which takes 48 seconds. 1 L takes 90 seconds with a double treatment. So, if you wanted to do, say 1.5 L, you would have to stir up 1L of water in 2 treatments, then do a third treatment for the 500 mL in a separate container. Then you can put it back together in the 1.5 L bottle. Make sense?

The bottom line(s):

The SteriPEN Freedom is a very portable, hi-tec way to keep your water clean. I love the powerful flashlight on the butt-end of the SteriPEN(it activates by rotating the SteriPEN). The lamp glows as long as it’s treating the water. The invisible UV light is what kills anything unseen in the water that can make you sick. 


Invisible warfare in your glass!  


It doesn’t change the taste of the water like mineral or charcoal filters do. 

Additional Clean Water Options:

If cleaning murky water, you will need to carry a filter along with you. 

The SteriPEN Water Bottle Pre-Filter is available separately. 

If planning to sterilise large amounts of water at a time for home use, the LifeStraw Family may better suit your needs. That’s what we use in our kitchen for daily clean water needs. 

If you want something that doesn’t need to be charged, then you can get the SteriPEN Freedom Solar Bundle.

And consider the incredible LifeStraw, a way to drink directly from polluted water supplies, even with solids in it. Another option is the almost-as-cool SteriPEN Sidewinder Hand Powered UV Water Purifier

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