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The Best Inexpensive Bluetooth Speaker: Lepow Modre Review


We use bluetooth speakers a lot more often than the average person, nearly every day in fact. We wanted a portable speaker with clear sound, a good battery life, without being super expensive. So, like we usually do before buying something, we researched it to death. And the clear answer for our needs(hence heralding it as the “best”) was the Lepow Modre Bluetooth Speaker.  We bought two of them off of just before we moved to Nepal in 2014. 

Your Lepow Speaker is packaged in a reusable travel mug with a silicon lid. It comes with the charging cable and auxiliary cable that are both flat cords and can’t tangle. Before even looking at the speaker itself, therefore, you get a clear feeling of quality.

The speaker is available in vibrant blue, green and orange colors. Mine’s blue, Danica’s is green.

lepow stuff

Connecting to your device is painless, really everything about the Lepow Modre bluetooth speaker is painless(unless you use it as a weapon). The nice lady inside the speaker tells you when you are connected.

In the video, you get a sound test from bassy audio which many users are looking for. Both the treble and bass are clear even at full volume(which is super loud, I might add). But we are also using speech audio more often than not, and voice quality is crystal clear, again, even at high levels.

Sometimes, when I’ve already connected my Lepow Modre speaker to my iPad, I show show a video to a group of kids outside. I leave my speaker inside my bag and control the volume from my iPad. The kids become so surprised at where this loud audio is coming from and start poking around at my bag. They want to take turns(or fight over) holding the speaker while it’s playing. You don’t have to worry about it being treated rough: it’s metal and rubber, and there’s no sensitive volume slider that is going to get messed with or other buttons that are going to get switched.

I should add, that with a bunch of rowdy kids and loud motorbikes driving by, the Lepow Modre’s voice comes out louder and clearer than everything else.

Here’s the features we love of our Lepow Modre Bluetooth Speaker:

  • Great crisp full sound(most important feature for buying a speaker in my opinion…)
  • 7-10 hour battery life
  • Less than $25(sometimes varies according to color)
  • Simple one button design
  • Classy and colorful look(mimics an elephant’s trunk, design, not color)
  • Easy and fast connectivity to any bluetooth devices
  • Great accessories included
  • Can pair multiple speakers(using aux. cable)
  • 12 month warranty

It’s kind of a no brainer for us, we did the research for bluetooth speakers, the Lepow Modre appeared to be clearly on top. Got two of them, and they haven’t disappointed in nearly a year of regular use.

It’s kind of off-color to call the Lepow a budget speaker(it’s usually between $20-$25), because generally budget items have something lacking. It’s not waterproof, and it won’t tell you the weather forecast, but that’s about it.

Buying Recommendations:

For the Lepow Modre Bluetooth Speaker you can choose between:




If you are looking for free shipping on Amazon and are looking for another item, look for this promotion on the Lepow Modre Bluetooth Speaker: Save 10% each on Any Color of Lepow® Modre Ultra Portable Bluetooth Speaker offered by Lepow Official when you purchase 1 or more Any Color of Lepow® Moonstone Series Portable Charger.

All Lepow products come highly recommended, with colorful, loveable design and long battery life. So consider pairing your speaker with the Lepow Moonstone Portable Charger(there was a pun in there…)

If you’re actually looking for a waterproof speaker, here’s the tough EcoXGear Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker.

And if you do want your speaker to tell you the weather forecast, or to turn on the lights, spell a word, put things on your to do list, and, oh yeah, play music you ask it to from anywhere in the house, than here’s the #1 Best Seller revolutionary Amazon Echo. We will feature that in another article as well.

Check out any of the links on the products we mentioned that suits you best. As an Amazon Affiliate, whenever you buy anything through our links, we get a small commission without any additional charge to you. Please think of us when at anytime you are going to buy using Amazon, it applies no matter what you’re buying.

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