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Why I am very Disappointed with if you go to a McDonald’s Abroad

This post will:

  • encourage you to leave your comfort zone
  • shame you into compliance…Copy of K&B Visit & NY (530)

Even though their mascot is a very scary looking clown, McDonald’s continues to dominate the worldwide fast-food market, and although it is not by any means in every country, it’s still in a lot of them.

This article will consider why to consider avoiding McDonald’s and the like in a foreign country, but also perhaps an understandable excuse or two to pass the threshold of the golden arches.

I actually really like McDonald’s and I have a coffee or a meal there every once in a while. But whilst in a country with totally foreign flavors and dishes at your fingertips, can’t you let go of your Happy Meal, and have something you’ve never had before?


“Travelling” and “Camping”

Are you guilty of “camping” with a full size RV(caravan), complete with satellite dish and microwave? That is a comparable dishonor to eating at a familiar fast-food chain a midst a plethora of exotic flavors waiting to be discovered. You go camping to experience a different standard of living. A rustic feel, different from home, not a miniature-duplication of your house. Likewise, don’t forfeit all the great foods, be it authentic street vendor tortillas, or hot steamed shiu mai pork dumplings, for a Big Mac instead. Fried grasshoppers, fish head soup, chilled pig hoof and fermented injera bread are just going to sit there undiscovered by your conservative palate? Or else, why really leave home, you know?


Some have foregone local food for a short stint due to lack of non-questionable establishments, traveler’s diarrhea, or just missing some familiar flavors. Now and again, I confess to doing the same thing. It can at times be the safer course of action.

And if you don’t want to miss out on a red bean pie on the extra value menu at “Madonna” in China, well that technically counts as food you can’t get at home, so that’s alright too.

So, unless the food is going to make you hurl, or is an alive mass of flies, don’t make the mistake of coming home to your friends and saying, “They had this crazy cool food there, but I was scared to try it. But check out this neato Happy Meal toy! It transforms! Way better than any so-called “authentic exotic cuisine.” Look at my toy go! Vroom, vroom.” Back away slowly…

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