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Can Coca-Cola Be Good for You?

“But it rots your teeth!” “There’s too much sugar.” “They clean blood off the pavement on crime scenes with that stuff.” “It can dissolve a penny; think what it can do to your body!”

I do not work for Coca-Cola Ltd. nor am I an affiliate. In fact I am not trying to endorse this soft drink that makes over 25 billion dollars a year. They already spend 5 billion dollars each year on advertising globally, so they don’t need me.

True I used to have 2 liters of Coke a day, but then my wife said that’s way too much. I stopped drinking Coke for about a year (oh it wasn’t easy) until we found ourselves in Kenya, and Coke was to re-emerge into my life.

When you are in a country where you are not accustomed to the food and are pervious to getting a bad pancita (tummy) from microscopic strangers whom you never invited, you may like to consider how Coke can keep you clean while you’re abroad. It kept me on the up-and-up while travelling, except for one time on the Ugandan-Tanzanian border when I didn’t have any on hand and my wife convinced me we needed goat on a stick from a roadside food stand,  I was out for the count for a whole day. Oh if only, if only…

Tanzania (86)


Coca-Cola, Your Friend

The conviction of Coca-Cola regarding its ability to dissolve a tooth or a penny has merit. And yes it is a good drain cleaner. It will not rot your stomach though. Your stomach is much too tough for that. It can clean your insides and kill harmful bugs that your stomach isn’t accustomed to. Take that! It is a good drain cleaner! For your inner drains…

An interesting fact: when Pepsi first embarked on the “Cola Conquest,” it chose the name “Pepsi” after “pepsid.” Pepsid is a medicine used for settling the stomach. Yes, Pepsi went on the shelf as a medicine. (I won’t tell you where “Coca-Cola” got its name) It can also be an alternative for taking harsh medicines which have chemicals that are hard on your guts and are much more expensive and harder to obtain on the go.

Learn from the Mexicans and those of similar culture: they have lime with their food which can disinfect in itself. And a Mexican who refuses Coca-Cola with a meal is rare indeed. Why? It keeps those little miniature monsters from rearing their tiny ugly heads in the belly. In less developed countries, the water is usually contaminated and without you being able to boil it or buy it bottled, it’s not worth the risk. Some places will even sell contaminated water in used water bottles and reseal them with glue to give the appearance of it being untouched. Beware!

The locals in Africa, as well as other places we’ve been, have suggested having Coke with our food to prevent our stomach from getting upset. So when told this in Kenya after a year of no Coke at all, what could I do?  I guess that wraps up my “how I got back on Coca-Cola” story.

So it may have a lot of sugar and not be good for your teeth. Therefore, don’t swish it around in your mouth for minutes on end, brush your teeth like normal people, and avoid combining it with other sugary foods; and in a foreign land, Coke may do you more good than harm.

Oh and by the way, no matter where you go, you won’t have a problem finding it. Perhaps it’s the most widely available and inexpensive miracle drug?  Okay, too far. But a calm tummy on vacation while trying local dishes and delicious street food is truly priceless. Coke can help ( I’d still suggest taking other precautions that your doctor may suggest, one can never be too careful).

Oh and by the way, my wife has it now and again too. So there!

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